Our Flavors

Homemade Ice Cream

All of our ice creams are homemade. We used only the best, fine quality ingredients to give our ice that rich, quality, and gourmet taste. Homemade ice cream is creamier and denser than store-bought ice cream. Our Vanilla ice cream is one of our most popular flavors. We use a high-end pure vanilla extract to make our ice cream. 

Mint Chocolate Chip
Vanilla ice cream flavored with mint, white chocolate, dark chocolate chips and Creme de Menthe
White Russian
Vanilla ice cream with white chocolate, Kahlua® and Amaretto
Kahlua Fudge
Chocolate ice cream with Kahlua and fudge swirls 
Coconut Rum
Vanilla ice cream with coconut flakes and coconut rum
Black Raspberry
Vanilla ice cream with black raspberry liqueur 
Rum Raisin
Vanilla ice cream with dark rum and rum soaked raisins
Bailey Island
Vanilla ice cream with Baileys® Irish Cream and Kahlua®
Bourbon Butter Pecan
Butter Pecan ice cream with Bourbon
Coffee Kahlua
Coffee ice cream with Kahlua®
Butterscotch Crunch
Vanilla ice cream with butterscotch schnapps, caramel and heath bar pieces
Bailey's, Kahlua and a hint of chocolate flavor
Chocolate Cherry 
Rich chocolate ice cream with black cherries and cherry brandy
Banana Coloda
Bailey's, banana liquor, and coconut cream. 
At the Ice Cream Parlour

Over 21 Please

Adult Flavors
Traditional Flavors
Butter Pecan
Cake Batter
Cherry Vanilla
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Velvet (Velvety chocolate ice cream with Nutella)
Coffee Crunch
Jay's Brownie (dark chocolate w/ fudge swirl and brownie pieces)
Mint Chocolate Chip 
Oreo Cookies and Cream
Peanut Butter Cup
Raspberry Swirl
Salted Caramel 
Unicorn Poop (Pink and blue cotton candy ice cream with Lucky Charm Marshmallows)
Vanilla Velvet (Rich creamy vanilla ice cream with Bavarian cream)
Almond Joy
Caramel Crunch
Monkey Business (Choc, PB and Banana)

Please note: We try to keep this list updated but there may be flavors listed in the store that are not showing on this list and there may be flavors listed here that are no longer available. Updated 11/01/2020